Unique Japanese fusion cusiine, hign-end luxury interior, best quality of service. We have infused authentic Japanese cuisine with Asian Flavors to create a unique own style that captivates world wide customers. With a Variety selection of Japanese sake, customers can indulge oneself in the freshest seasonal ingredients in an ethereal, elegant atmosphere.

Unagi hitsumabushi


Use only Aichi prefecture one color. There is a history and tradition that has more than 100 years of cultivation of eel in Ikura Town. Since we use clear water of the Yahagi River, we will grow up in an environment nearly natural. (The only one in the whole country, using natural clearing water is used.) Therefore, it is the appeal of one elegant eel that you can hardly feel "fishy smell of eel" when you eat. We spend more time and effort on the quality eels raised carefully with the wonderful nature's waters, and we are pursuing the taste of the true eel by applying our own process. That is Hana Abstract's "Ultimate Eel".

japanese matsuzaka A5


The cows take roughly three years to mature. In order for the meat to be sold under the Matsusaka name, it must meet strict standards. Only virgin female cows can be sold as Matsusaka beef and all calves must be of a breed registered by the Matsusaka Beef Management System. Most of the meat is sold through stores owned by the Matsusaka Beef Cattle Association. To prevent cheap meat from being sold under the Matsusaka name, all authentic stores have an "Association Member's Certificate". The Mie Prefecture Matsusaka Shokuniku Kosha public corporation implemented a system for tracking the cows to ensure authenticity.

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Hideki Fujiwara

Chef hideki fujiwara bring exciting addition to Fukuro’s Menu. And Consist of fresh ingredients straight from japan.

Chef hideki fujiwara have infused authentic Japanese Cuisine with Asian Flavors to create unique own style that captivates world wide customers.

With our Motto is “Washoku to the world” That means traditional japanese high-end cuisine giving happiness and healthiness to our customers.